Tickets and details for the world premiere of:

NEIGHBOURHOOD OF INFINITY (Dir. Mark Aitken, 25', 2021) at LEM 2021


With live soundtrack performance by Melisa Bertossi, Cristian Subirà and Pablo Volt and...


BARRIO DE LAS VIÑETAS - an invitation to participate


The trauma of the first pandemic lockdowns of 2020 was experienced around the world. We're now trying to put it behind us but memories remain.


The vignettes below have been cut from NEIGHBOURHOOD OF INFINITY - a film about how confinement might be a measure of freedom. It premieres October 22 in Barcelona. LEM Festival is inviting people to write and record voiceovers in response to the clips below. Although filmed in Barcelona, they will resonate with anyone who was alive in 2020.


If you wish to attend the film premiere, you'll have opportunity to perform your voiceover live. If you can't make the screening but want to write and record a voiceover then please follow the guidelines. The clip and your recording will be screened at the festival.


  • You can record with anything from a mobile phone to professional equipment.
  • Please record in a very quiet environment.
  • Speak slowly and clearly as people will only hear you once.
  • Send your recording here and please say which clip number you've selected.
  • We'll be in touch and let you know how the event has gone.
  • Please contact here if you have queries. Thankyou.


  CLIP 1                                                                    CLIP 2

 CLIP 3                                                                     CLIP 4