Born in New Zealand, raised in South Africa, Mark moved to the UK to study art. He then established his practice using film, photography and writing to explore deep pathos in subjects and empathy from viewers.  


Mark’s recently acclaimed film, Dead when I got here is about a mental asylum run by it's own patients in Juárez, Mexico. A companion book including a series of photographs has been published.


In 2006, Mark joined Goldsmiths University in London as an Associate Lecturer. He has also hosted and programmed film festivals, sat on international juries in Berlin, Poland and the UK.


Apart from making award winning documentaries and teaching, Mark has published fiction, edited a magazine, hosts a radio series about photography and runs a non-profit that has produced over 40 films.


Currently, Mark is working on a new series of photographs called Sanctum Ephemeral about the lives of Londoners before being displaced by property developers.