There then, hear now - the sound of photography is the acclaimed radio show broadcast on Resonance fm by Mark Aitken. Words, music, field recordings, atmospheres are all evoked by images. Hearing is another way of seeing.



11th June 2018, 5.30 - 6.30pm


In the last edition of series 6, Jon Wozencroft from Touch offers a synthesis between his photography and music from the label he co-founded with Mike Harding. We delve into sounds and images from the recently published ’Touch Movements’, including Chris Watson, Philip Jeck and Eleh.

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4th June, 5.30 - 6.30pm


This week we head to Great Yarmouth, asking what lies beyond the horizon of this flat coastal region once inhabited by dinosaurs and more recently by Brexit voters. With vox pops from the city streets and music about leaving.


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21st May, 5.30 - 6.30pm

This week Simon Roberts brings his expansive theatre of the British to life with soundtracks from his films, music from the Boyan Choir, and the voices of Philip Hoare and Paul Schofield.


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14th May, 5.30 - 6.30pm


This week Mark Sealy from Autograph ABP considers Roy De Carava’s improvised shadows and jazz as philosophy. With music from Charlie Mingus, Billie Holiday, Louis Jordan and Nina Simone.


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30th April, 5.30 - 6.30pm


This week Vaughan Pilikian joins us to discuss ‘Futurology’ - suggesting that what we have to look forward to may be what has already happened. With music and sounds from the NASA Mars Rover, Alan Lamb and Burial.


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23rd April, 5.30 - 6.30pm


This week Museum of London curator Anna Sparham discusses the upcoming ‘London Nights’ show - the light, the dark and the nocturnal pursuits of millions switching on and off. With sounds from Gregory Isaacs, Gavin Bryars and The Streets.


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9th April, 5.30 - 6.30pm


Paul Sng discusses the book ‘Invisible Britain’ - stories of hope and resistance from unheard voices in post-Brexit Britain. With music by the Breeders, Cat Power, Bowie and X-Ray Spex. 



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26th March, 5.30 - 6.30pm


Jonty Sale’s work has landscape as the starting point, rather than the destination, exploring our often unaccounted for awareness of space and how it impresses itself upon us - landscape as palimpsest, where time and space are compacted and rearranged. With sounds of roosting rooks, woodlands and music from Can, Cyclobe and Squarepusher.


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19th March, 5.30 - 6.30pm


Today we’re in the company of Edmund Clark whose work links history, politics and representation. A recurring theme is engaging with state censorship to explore hidden experiences and processes of control and incarceration in the ‘Global War on Terror’. With ‘punishing’ sounds from Don McLean, Neil Diamond, Sesame Street and Guantanamo Bay.

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12th March, 5.30 - 6.30pm


Today’s guest is Lisa Creagh who is known for transferring houses into light boxes and a dialogue between photography, digital imaging and painting along with collaborator and composer Helen Anahita Wilson. With sounds from Helen, Steve Reich, Gil Evans and a flock of bagpipe players.

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5th March, 5.30 - 6.30pm


Chris Dorley-Brown returns with a new book about street corners in the East End. His work takes on a topographical time travel mode whereby each picture simulates ongoing moments. We’ll also find time to discuss an exhibition of historical pictures of Tower hamlets by David Granick, the merits of high res vests with sounds from Ken Nordine, Robert Wyatt and Patrice Rushen.

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26th Feb, 5.30 - 6.30pm


Richard Bultitude joins Mark Aitken with The Conditional Orchestra - a web app that converts weather data into generative music. We’ll be listening to processed natural sounds from all over the planet - including the Adriatic sea pushing air through a chamber of pipes to produce music and Chris Watson’s descent from high clouds to lowlands.

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19th Feb, 5.30 - 6.30pm


David Moore joins Mark Aitken on this weeks edition of There then hear now. Once described as a ’northern William Eggleston, David interrogates documentary by drawing on histories of installation art, participatory practice, archive intervention, theatre and photography to create new work. With readings from transcripts of a play derived from a photo series and the sounds of English accents no longer with us.


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12th Feb, 5.30 - 6.30pm


Peter Dench joins Mark Aitken to discuss his origins in Weymouth, the British obsession with alcohol and the kind of intoxicating fun people have beside the seaside. With sounds of lifeboats offshore, crap majorette music, Benny Hill, arcade fruit machines and Pearl & Dean.

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Series 6, 5th Feb, 2018 - 5.30 - 6.30pm


There then, hear now returns for a new series with Steve Macleod and his pursuit of nothingness while photographing the Al Hajar mountains in the UAE. Pictorialist ideals and how psychiatric treatment influenced the work will be explored. Sounds include heavy drilling noises from Dubai and The theme from Robinson Crusoe. As part of our fundraiser week Steve is donating a print for auction and a folio review over lunch on him.

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Sunday 24 Dec, 5 - 6pm


A special end of year edition of There then, hear now that was broadcast on Christmas eve 2017. It features meeting Charles Bukowski on a night bus, a vicious Jack Russell under a table, Bigfoot in Essex and a eulogy for what we can’t imagine from the US/Mexican borderlands - amongst other sounds of photography.


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Tues 6 June, 8 - 9pm


‘Sanctum Ephemeral’ is a series of portraits of people on a blighted housing estate in Brixton, London. The rooms, the memories and the inhabitants reflect each other. Home defines us. We define our homes. Tonight we welcome guests whose portraits are currently installed on large canvases around the estate. Part of the London Festival of Architecture.


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Tuesday, 16th May, 8 - 9pm


A ‘safe house’ is a refuge from danger, a secret sanctuary, somewhere transient that can offer protection. It implies that home is elsewhere. In a special edition of ‘There then, hear now’, these themes are explored by artists exhibiting at Peckham 24, part of Photo London weekend. 


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Tuesday, 2nd May, 8 - 9pm


With sound and music becoming more prevalent in his work, we meet Wolfgang Tillmans and discuss how truth reinforces lies and the need to be ever vigilant when an idea asks for attention. With music by Tillmans himself and the Magnetic Fields.


Wolfgang Tillmans 2017 is now on at Tate Modern


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Thursday, 30 March, 4.30pm


Salt prints are the earliest photographic prints, utilising a slow process that produces objects on thick paper. This final week in the current series, Fiona Yaron-Field unplugs the high velocity information overload and we discuss and listen to sounds relating to a slower and more meditative pace, highlighting mistakes and imperfection.


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Thursday 23.03, 4.30pm


Soundings from the Estuary is Frank Watson's photo series about the Thames Estuary and a future landscape blighted by rising sea levels. As ever, considering the future requires delving into the past - in this case with Marlow leaving the estuary into the heart of darkness. With music by Robert Wyatt, Gavin Bryars and Dave Lawrence.

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Thursday 16.03, 4.30pm


Rory Carnegie populates landscapes with beasts out of context. A world before our arrival or perhaps one that is reclaimed after our retreat. In this episode we meet the tapirs and tigers of Oxfordshire and consider what a camera might record a million years from now.


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Thursday 09.03, 4.30pm


Chuck Bowden lived most of his life in the borderlands between the United States and Mexico. Famous for his books about the drug wars, he infused his writing with a deep curiosity about wild places and animals. With contributions from Molly Molloy and music by The Necks, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.


With thanks to Scott Carrier -


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Thursday 02.03, 4.30pm


Yiannis Katsaris series about ‘Moochie the Clown’ is turbulent with unexpected twists, tragedies and celebrations, haunting memories and over-grown ambitions. We’ll be questioning the divide between public and private and what right (if any) we have to delve into the life of an extrovert hiding behind a mask.
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Thursday 23.02, 4.30pm


Jack Foley was the man who initiated the art of Foley sound recording as the silent movie era transformed to sound. Richard West, co-editor of Source magazine brings in his coconuts and other Foley accoutrements to explore the use of dubbed sound with photographs.


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Thursday 16.02, 4.30pm


Chris Dorley-Brown has been taking photos on the streets of Hackney for over thirty years. He claims to be taking pictures for people who haven’t been born yet. His sense of place is so nuanced that he now infiltrates his images with alternate time continuums. With field recordings and fundraising music from the Fall and anyone else who’ll urge you to cough up.


View Chris's work here


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Thursday 9th Feb - 4.30pm


Tim Wainwright and John Wynne have produced an installation using sound, photography and video that brings transplant patients to life through the intimate retelling of their stories.


Exhibited in the Huntarian Museum - home of long dead organs and specimens - ’Transplant and Life’ asks for a deeper understanding of photography through sound.…/exhibitions/



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Thursday 2 Feb, 4.30 - 5.30pm


Dzhangal refers to a Pashto word meaning ‘This is the forest’, the origin of the contentious term ‘Jungle’ or the recently demolished refugee camp near Calais. Gideon Mendel was met with hostility when photographing residents so he turned his camera on personal ephemera. He continues to visit the location, conducting a ‘contemporary archaeology’. With music from the refugee diaspora.


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Thursday 26th January, 4.30 - 5.30pm


Homer Sykes has been photographing people and places all over the world for the past five decades. We delve into his republished book ‘Once a year, some traditional British customs’ and hear the Marshfield Mummers, Hobby Horse shrills and a Helton Furry dance. With music from Francis Lai and Shirley Collins.


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Thursday 19th January, 4.30 - 5.30pm


Vaughan Pilikian recently visited Transcarpathia to produce his ‘Wawkalak’ (before/after) performance. He returned to London with a photo essay and stories. We explore sounds that reflect his intense experience. Including poetry by Paul Celan and George Crumb, music by ClockDVA, Silvestrov and street recordings from Ukraine.


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Series 5


Thursday 12th January, 4.30 - 5.30pm


A new series begins with less talk and more music. Sounds inspired by photography culled from eleven editions of series 4. Contributions from Big Star, Coil, Roxy Music, John Cage, Burial, Gorecki, Sahraoul Bachir, The Incredible String Band and Caetano Veloso.   

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Friday 16th December, 9 - 10pm


In photography, the past is always present. Brazilian artist André Penteado discusses his series of books Traces, trails and remains, about Brazilian history and how past events seep into present meaning and even events themselves. In particular, the Cabanagem revolt now being reflected in current protest and violence in the largest and most abundant country in South America. 


With music by Caetano Veloso, Coil and Popul Vuh.


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Friday 9th December, 9 - 10pm


The grain silos of Buffalo, USA inspired Bauhaus architects to design fantastic structures for living in. These houses that loom over Los Angeles inspired Julius Shulman to photograph them. Shulman's works appear as film sets from a modernist utopia.


Join Matthew Beaman from Monocle magazine and Mark Aitken with music from Sinatra, Kraftwerk and Sahraoui Bachir.


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Friday 2nd December, 9 - 10pm


Aleister Crowley described the potential of magick ritual as, 'every man and every woman being a star'. 


Can the taking of a photograph be recognised as a ritual in itself? Tonight we delve into Sara Hannant's book Of Shadows - One hundred objects from the museum of witchcraft, published by Strange Attractor Press. With music by John Zorn, The Incredible String Band, Comus and Black Widow.



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Friday 25th Nov, 9 - 10pm


This week we explore a hauntology of photography through the work of Marc Wilson who documents the memories and histories set in landscapes that surround us. Perhaps we are mistaken by suggesting that history repeats itself when in fact it never goes away. With music by Górecki, Leonard Bernstein and Johnny Cash. 


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Friday 18th Nov, 9 - 10pm


Luke Archer from Loupe magazine joins Mark Aitken on the 453 Night Bus as they meander and muse over record cover photographs by Rut Blees and steamy apparitions by Nick Turpin. With music from The Streets, Burial, Carl Stone and a concerted attempt to silence all who play sounds through tinny mobile phones on buses.


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Friday 11th Nov, 9 - 10pm


Michelle Sank's series of photographs In my Skin explores the many ways in which people choose to change their appearance under the knife, the needle or by pumping up with weights and drugs. Tonight we'll investigate beauty and perfection and how and why these can develop into obsessions or an escape from an unwanted body.  


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Friday 4th Nov, 9 - 10pm


David George from the Uncertain States project brings his 'Hackney by Night' series of photographs into an audible perspective tonight. Urban spaces bathed in crepuscular light are transformed into landscapes of the mind - inspiring texts by Robert Macfarlane, Caspar David Friedrich and the question of what a photographer thinks about during a long exposure.   


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Friday 28th Oct, 9 - 10pm


The silence of London's National Gallery before opening time is broken by the voices and footsteps of artist Tom Hunter and presenter Mark Aitken. In this edition of the sound of photography, they discuss the use of optical projections and chiaroscuro in the revolutionary paintings of Caravaggio and his influence from the 17th century up to Hollywood lighting and photoshop collage. With thanks to the National Gallery. 


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Friday 14th Oct, 9 - 10pm


A wall of sound in the darkroom introduces our guest Steve Macleod - renowned printer and artist. Steve's relationship with sound and photography is as intense as it is essential. Sounds punctuate his complex mental and physical landscapes during his work process. More sounds are evoked while contemplating the subtle layers and rhythms of Steve's images.


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Series 4 - Fridays, 9pm, Resonance fm

Friday 7th Oct, 9 - 10pm


Iceland is an ideal environment to record sound as much of the island is shrouded in silence. Photographer Matthew Broadhead explores visual elements on a geological survey of the island described by NASA as a 'space analogue'. With field recordings of pin dropping nothingness and sounds from the abyss by Cyclobe. 


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Series 4


Friday 30th Sept, 9 - 10pm

William Eggleston once said that he was, 'at war with the obvious'. A lot of his work over the past six decades has involved photographing the obvious in ways that often confound and intrigue. Working mainly around Memphis and the Mississippi delta, Eggleston's work is especially inspirational for sound and music. With contributions from National Portrait Gallery curators where Eggleston's work is currently on display. 


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Series 3 - 5th Jan - 9th Feb 2016, 6.30 - 7.30 GMT on Resonance 104.4 fm 

Tues 16th Feb, 8 - 9pm

Leticia Valverdes

Final fundraising special edition of the sonic photography series with Mark Aitken. This week we explore the individual in public spaces and the private space of the individual with photographer Leticia Valverdes. We visit Brazilian street girls, refugees in London and birthmarks that remain during motherhood. With poetry from Hollie McNish and music by Ayub Ogada. 


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Tues 9th Feb

Tom Hunter

The penultimate edition of the sonic photography series invites Tom Hunter to discuss and share sounds inspired by his acclaimed book 'Le Crowbar' with presenter Mark Aitken. In 1995 Hunter set off from a squatted street in Hackney with a group of friends in an old double decker bus. Fuelled by selling egg butties, veggie burgers and beer, their journey took them through folk festivals in France, teknivals in Czech Republic, hippie gatherings in Austria and beach parties in Spain. 


‘Le Crowbar’ paints a vivid picture of friends on a journey, exploring new horizons and ways of living on the road, in the wake of the introduction of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. With music by Law and Auder, Leftfield and Sabres of Paradise.  Listen here. HERE

Tues 2nd Feb

Mario Cravo Neto

The fifth edition of six on photography explored from a sonic perspective presented by Mark Aitken. This evening we explore the transcendental work of Brazilian artist Mario Cravo Neto and his show at ABP in Rivington Place - Caressed by the serene expectation of light. Curator Gabriela Salgado will discuss how the show came to be and we'll be celebrating the festival of Yemanja with music from Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Suba. Repeated Sunday 10am. 


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Tues 26th January

Saul Leiter

The fourth edition of six on photography explored from a sonic perspective presented by Mark Aitken. This evening he meets curator Brigette Woischnik at the Photographers Gallery to discuss New York artist Saul Leiter, something of a 'Buena Vista Social Club of the photography world' or a recently discovered pioneer of colour photography. With music from Coltrane and Satie - those he knew and loved. The Saul Leiter show is currently on at the Photographers Gallery, London.


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Tuesday 19th January

Outside/Inside: The work of Nikolai Ishchuk


The abundance of photographic production and the possibility of the act of production being an end in itself will be discussed with Russian born - London based artist Nikolai Ishchuk. With sounds from Gelada Threat Display and Oneohtrix Point Never.


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Tuesday 12th January

William Strudwick and Eadweard Muybridge were two pioneering photographers from London. Both men documented cities in ways that had never been done before. Strudwick ended his life in a pauper's house in Croydon. Muybridge spent his last days trying to retain credit for his work. Dave Western joins Mark Aitken to discuss these early cityscapes and play sounds and music inspired by the photographs.  

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Series 3


Tuesday 5th Jan

The inaugural edition of sonic photography features an image taken on Christmas Day in Mexico, 2012 by presenter Mark Aitken. Mark will read from diaries kept over the period that reflect on the dramatic build up to the moment the picture was taken.


The theme of trying too hard resulting in not trying at all to produce work will be explored. Sounds will embed the picture in the Chihuahuan desert near the frontier city of Juárez.


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RT: 60'

Series one was broadcast on Resonance 104.4 fm Nov - Dec 2013.


Series two - Jan - Feb 2014.